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General Resources 
Welcome to the Ask W1z111 (say wizzeee") "General Resources For Seniors" page!

Here, you can find a variety of links and other content intended to provide seniors with some helpful information; the kind of information that aims to help make life just a little easier, and covering a broad spectrum of issues and circumstances.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that our senior citizen population seems to be "put out to pasture", in many cases far earlier than they should be!  Families these days find it nearly impossible to sustain their own (usually growing) families; and when an aging parent, relative, or close friend is in need of assistance (whether that assistance is for physical, emotional, financial, or other) busy, working families often seek relief and support.

To make matters even more difficult, too many seniors are frequently "exploited" by companies, institutions, and even individuals, who are only interested in 'making a quick buck' from unsuspecting, vulnerable senior citizens.

It is also becoming evident that some of the most trusted institutions and other 'commodities' are falling into what I'll just call the "Medicare Money Pit".   Medicare costs (2008) to US Taxpayers was about $600 Billion dollars; and that number grows each and every day.  

The question is "How come?"  Are Americans really getting that much sicker?  Or, is it the "baby-boomer" generation's fault for being as large a group as it is?  Or, has our government mis-managed or otherwise lost control of all the fraud, abuse, and other wastes so common with such hugely bureaucratic and hugely funded programs?  Or, is it a combination of several factors at once?

On this page of the Ask W1z111 site, I hope to be able to provide some help to some of the issues and circumstances many seniors face daily.  Obviously, this can only be a "starting point" for many things; and seniors will have to follow through with whatever further steps are needed to participate in or partake of any assistance measures being offered at linked-to websites.  Ask W1z111, therefore, cannot assume responsibility for any outcomes of that follow up; thanks for understanding.


Tolland links

Town of Tolland, CT (06084) Website

Town of Tolland, CT (06084) Human Services Department website.  Includes health, housing, energy assistance information, and much more.

Town of Tolland, CT (06084) division of Human Services Department website for the Tolland Senior Center. Includes general information, event schedules, and other senior resources.

Provides information and links for Living and Retirement Communities. ... and senior citizen new home communities in and around Tolland, CT.

Find Visiting Angels Senior Home Care for Tolland, CT and surrounding areas.

Connecticut links

"Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for older adults in the 38-town North Central Connecticut region by ensuring that they have access to quality and cost effective services."

Collection of resource links covering a wide variety of Connecticut senior citizen topics.

A public service of Connecticut Legal Services, Inc. Last Site Revision: July 30, 2008.
Connecticut's Elderly Services Division: Committed to serving seniors by supporting and promoting programs for seniors.
List of helpful legal resources relating to taxes and tax relief information for seniors.

OLR Research report on tax relief for seniors.

USA  links

Government information by topic.

This site includes a list of (and/or links to) Federal and State agencies that are supposed to be helpful to seniors.

The U.S. principal agency for protecting the health of all Americans and providing essential human services.

The Department of Health and Human Services offers comprehensive information for seniors including news, benefits and government programs.
The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Recovery Act) provides $32 million for Home-Delivered Nutrition Services. Established in 1978 under the Older Americans Act (OAA), the program provides meals and related nutrition services to seniors who are homebound.
Learn about, and help stop fraudulent and costly abuse of Medicare programs. for Seniors: View topics about and for senior citizens, including retirement, health, housing, taxes, and travel.
Disability Resources · Disaster Assistance for Victims ... School Lunch and Breakfast · Senior Citizen Community Service Employment Program.
Information for Senior Citizens. Looking for housing options for yourself?  Check here for financial assistance resources and guidance.
Senior Citizen Housing Information. United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.
A public service of the U.S. Administration on Aging.
This link takes you to the page intended to help you find and contact your Federal and State political representatives.


Here's a helpful list of senior (and other) resources provided by
Committed to Putting the Public Back in Public Health”.

State-by-State Help for Family Caregivers
Guide to Housing |

A Guide to Keeping Your Home for the Newly Disabled | Disability and Health

Benefits for People with Disabilities

Medicare & Social Security: Benefits for Disabled Individuals

Employment Resources: The National Organization on Disability’s Guide to Disability Rights Laws

Brain Trauma and Equal Opportunity: What You Need to Know

Emergency Preparedness for People with Disabilities
Fire Safety and Disabilities Guide


Here are some more links to a variety of helpful sites for seniors, disabled, and others in need of assistance.  
Provided by 
"Cultivating. Connecting. Curating."

Home Modifications to Promote Independent Living
Disability Accommodation Cost Guide
Home Safety for People with Disabilities
Fire Safety & Disabilities Guide’s Guide to Transportation
Guide to Traveling for the Disabled
Increasing Physical Activity among Adults with Disabilities
Chronic Pain Relief with Swimming Exercises
Stay Active with a Disability: Quick Tips
Personal Finance Guide for People with Disabilities


Here's a few from 

And even MORE from 

Accessibility rights resources:

Health and safety resources:

Lifestyle resources:


And here's a couple of links to a comprehensive
"Disability Benefits Guide for 2016" 
provided by 

Understand how Social Security Disability works, and how to calculate your benefits.
Use this calculator to estimate SSDI or SSI benefits.
Another one from helps understand how states rank .
State rankings for people with disabilities

And here's another from

"We recently published a tutoring guide for students living with learning disabilities who may have a harder time in a larger classroom setting. This comprehensive guide covers the benefits of tutoring and resources that are available."

Here's a link for assistance for seniors battling with addictions, provided by 

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